‘Alisson’ The Swans complained that the game was dull 

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Alisson Becker, Liverpool’s goalkeeper. Accepting the bluntness of the defenders, causing the game to end in a draw with Manchester United 0-0

“Red Swan” Had more possession and had many opportunities to score, 34 times, but was ineffective, unable to get the ball through Andre Onana’s hands into the goal.

Alisson, who made two important saves in this game, said: “Unfortunately we tied today. Not at all what we had hoped for. But we have to take good things. that has been done in the field”

“I thought we dominated the game throughout. Create many opportunities But there are still many areas that still need to be improved.” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“The shot we could have made went to another player in a better position. But it’s part of the game.”

“We have to learn from it as quickly as possible. Because during the season there is not much time for improvement.”

“The strikers are very important to us. They always score goals. I think it was a moment where maybe another player would try to score from a set piece. The front three and everyone else who come and try to shoot in various games Game after game”

“Today is bad luck. I think we didn’t give them many good opportunities. I think only Lucho was the only one who had a chance to inform. Even though the timing isn’t very clear. But we saw good things. that competitors do in the field as well”