Owen Jem ‘Kai Havertz’ Starting to shine brightly

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Michael Owen gives his opinion on Kai Havertz, who is entering the field with confidence after being in good form with Arsenal at the moment. 

Havertz moved to join the “Big Guns” team last summer. But his early career in the Gunners was marked by questions about his value for money compared to his £65million transfer fee. 

At this time, he is doing a hot job, having scored 4 goals from the last 7 games in every competition, which Owen has come out to talk about Havertz’s good development in this area. “But now it has changed. He is showing good signs.”  ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

“I know people often say, ‘He just joined the team’ but he was in really bad form before. It’s been really bad since he moved here.” 

Owen then referenced Havertz’s slow start. He added: “He’s been very, very poor since he’s been at the club, but all of a sudden he’s showing signs of a bit of promise.” Although Havertz is only just winning over his doubters, his manager has always stood by him

“Havertz is doing a little bit well at the moment,” Owen said. “That might be good if he can continue his form and be a regular in the games and be a full-fledged player. Go with confidence.”